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Your mind is too full of the world and your stomach demands too much of your time and energy. Desires and wants are multiplying faster than your capacity to satisfy them, and your dreams are far too fanciful, leading you into false victories and absurd adventures. Engrossed in the analysis of the material world, you have lost all sense of spirit, sweetness and sublimity. Under this new dispensation, truth is yet another word in the dictionary. Compassion is reduced to a meaningless travesty. People lack self-confidence. Even at the slightest provocation, you are rapidly transformed into a wild and vicious beast. Humility, patience, reverence - these are as invalid as a flameless lamp in the far distance. The only hope you have in today’s dreadful darkness is the name of God. That is the raft which will take you across this stormy sea, darkened by hate and fear, and churned by anxiety and terror. Take it with all earnestness and steadfast faith.

Divine Discourse, Feb 26, 1968

- Sri Satya Sai Baba


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Akhand Bhajan
Akhand bhajan

Arunachala Akhand Bhajan 2016


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I would like to offer my heartfelt gratitude and thanks to all our dear friends for their tremendous help in making Arunachala Akhand Bhajan Event of 2016 possible. It no less than a True Miracle. 
As we go ahead with arduous preparations for the event even now praying for it to unfold with Grace and benedictions. 
May His Grace be with us all. It so happens that this time 24 hours of chanting is just before Deepam. This makes it even more significant, the only way for it to go through successfully is only through peaceful surrender, patience and absolute Faith in our Beloved Arunachala. May our hearts sing out for Him, may we all experience the blessings of His Grace. May His love shine upon all beings everywhere. Aum Arunachala Shiva.

The program details are as posted below:

24 hours of chanting from 10 Dec till 11 Dec

1. We start on 10th Dec 9.00 am with Ganesha Prayers and Sai Bhajans by Sathya Sai Devotees from Bangalore.

2. This will be followed by other Local Groups and children singing.

3. Some western friends are also accompanying during the afternoon and evening sessions.

4. Prasad of Lunch will available for all. Distribution of Prasad will start around noon time.

5. Evening chanting will be devotees of Arunachala and some Sadhus. If some would like to come and sing for the event they are very welcome, but kindly get in touch so it can be a little organized.

6. Admission is free. and Prasad is free. In case some may be wondering. Some can stay overnight if they would like to do so but they will have to come prepared with some warm clothing,. Dinner Tea and snacks will surely be available for those staying behind....

7. The way to Akhand Bhajan Temple.
Pournami Nagar is located between Varuna Lingam and Adi Annamalai. One can take a left at Pournami Nagar and come across a split road. Take the left at the split road. The left side is Lake Road (Eri Road) - it is a mud path and follow the widened mud path away from the mountain towards west then one will come across a Temple on the left its approx 800 mts away from the main road,. Its easily walk able and rickshaw and bike can easily traverse through the mud road. The cars may have go a little slowly but its workable. 
For further reference kindly see the map below....

8. If there might be live relay of the Event the updates of it will be posted here by tomorrow evening.

9. For any further help... 
Call: 9600534936 or 9489446760
Email: or

All are welcome.. Aum Arunachala Shiva.

Akhand Nama Bhajan 19th Dec 2015

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Live Transmission started at 09.30 am on Saturday 19th December 2015

Morning Session

Afternoon Session

Evening Session

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Next Morning Session

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The Invitation

May All Beings be Happy. May All Beings be Free.

Dear Beloved Friends,


We Would like to inform you regarding the Akhand Nama Bhajan Program that will be held on the

19th and 20th Dec 2015 at Adi Annamalai.

The Program will start with the chanting of Ganesh Vandana, Vedas followed by the Bhajans.

We are also going to have Prasad Distribution (Annadanam) for all our guests and invitees

and also for the Sadhus attending the function.

Along with this the Sadhus shall be offered with some needful articles post lunch.

The chanting will remain for the entire 24 hours until the next morning upto 9.30 am concluding with

the Aarti and Prasad distribution.

We welcome you all to attend the Akhand Bhajan and pray that our efforts benefit all being eveywhere.

All are invited.

For any further assistance and information kindly contact us at the details mentioned below.


+91 9600534936

+91 9489446760


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Venue Map as below

Directions to Akhand Bhajan Mandir (Temple)

map of venue

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